TrueBrake – Mod for Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920 Brake Pedals (Pre-Order)

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31st May 2020: Pre-order now!
Batch #5 – Available to pre-order.(Estimated shipping from Monday 6th July*)

*Coronavirus Update:
We are waiting for a large shipment of a crucial component used in our TrueBrake units. This shipment has been further delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to government imposed restrictions, the manufacturer of the component has extended it’s April shutdown until the end of May. We will update customers with outstanding orders to any further information we receive.

What is TrueBrake?

TrueBrake is an upgrade for the for the Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920 brake pedal which gives the pedal a positive and realistic feel.

TrueBrake achieves this by:

  • Measuring the brake pedal load instead of the pedal position
  • Increasing the load required to reach full braking
  • Reducing the amount of brake pedal travel

What’s inside TrueBrake?

  • Cylinder and body: CNC machined aluminium
  • Piston: Has maximum of 4mm of travel inside the cylinder
  • Main Spring: Heavy duty spring resists the movement of the piston
  • Circlip: Retains the piston in the cylinder
  • Linear Motion Potentiometer: High quality component that detects movement of the piston

3 Stage Load Curve:

  1. When the brake pedal is pressed, the return spring compresses which in turn applies a small load on the TrueBrake piston.
  2. As the brake pedal is pressed harder it engages with the polyurethane transition buffer and the load on the piston quickly increases.
  3. The brake pedal is fully engaged with the TrueBrake piston and TrueBrake main spring.

The small movements of the TrueBrake piston are detected by the linear motion potentiometer which is connected in place of the stock Logitech potentiometer.

Brake Pedal Freeplay

TrueBrake is supplied with two different polyurethane buffers to give a choice of either 3mm (1/8”) or 6mm (1/4”) of brake pedal freeplay.

Engineering Quality

This unique and quality engineered solution has been rigorously tested and perfected over the last year. All the components are housed in a very strong cylinder, CNC machined in house at AXC from aircraft grade aluminium and designed to fit perfectly inside the Logitech pedal assembly. The end result is a robust and reliable pedal where the braking control is about pedal load rather than pedal travel. Just like a brake pedal should be!

Is TrueBrake a load cell?

We consider TrueBrake an “electro-mechanical load cell”. It gives similar results to a solid-state load sensor setup at a more affordable price.

Easy Installation

No permanent modifications are necessary to your pedals. TrueBrake connects in place of the stock Logitech brake potentiometer. No drilling, cutting or soldering required. TrueBrake can be installed using simple tools. You can easily remove TrueBrake and return your Logitech pedals to how they came from the factory.


TrueBrake comes with 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase. The TrueBrake unit must not be disassembled or modified by the customer otherwise warranty is void.
Spares, support and repairs available. Contact us for more information.

Download: Installation manual

Please contact us if you have any questions.


TrueBrake is manufactured and distributed exclusively by AXC Sim. If you wish to become an AXC Sim reseller then please contact us.

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Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

24 reviews for TrueBrake – Mod for Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920 Brake Pedals (Pre-Order)

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    Fantastic value, utterly transforms braking.

    I went from guessing how much brake to apply to easily modulating on the edge of traction.
    Personally I recommend moving the old brake and clutch springs between the clutch and accelerator for overall stiffer pedals.
    This mod has knocked seconds off my laptimes and greatly aided consistency and confidence.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Khalid (verified owner)

    A must have upgrade to the logitech pedals and outstanding support. A high quality built that is easy to install. the firmer brake takes some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it the laptimes get more consistent and easier to threshold and trail braking. It was near impossible to drive without ABS earlier and be consistent.
    Note: I had to set the brake gamma to 1.0 as its is very linear.

  3. Andre (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for a reasonable price. Easy and well described installation. Well manufactured.
    Took me a few hours to get used to it and i had to relearn braking for every car (iRacing), but consistency and lap times started to improve greatly. Trail and threshold braking is much easier now and controlable for cars without ABS.
    The only drawback (due to my setup) is that my G29 pedals set moves slightly on my hardwood floor during long races because of the higher forces needed for 70-100% braking.
    Highly recommended!

  4. Ivan Baumans

    Hello Folks….
    I spent lot of euro’s on brake mods for my g27 pedals.
    Nexim springs, secondary die springs, 3d rap mod….
    Wish this one was available earlier.
    This is the best most affordable brake mod on the market. This brings the G27, 25, 29 at the same level as a loadcell mod, without the hassle.
    Professional product, installs in ten minutes ( ok, after 15 times modding my pedals I know how to open them).
    Good, predictable braking, strong but not rock hard pedal feel.
    Look no further!! This is the best upgrade to make a affordable steering wheel kit, much better!!!!!
    Congrats on this product!!!

    Now some steering wheel adapter plates???
    Best regards!!

  5. Patrick Schneider

    Totally worth the money. At First i had my problems to get used to the pressure, but trailbraking is now easier. Doesn’t make me really faster because i am not that good, but constancy is overall better now.

  6. Lindell Harry (verified owner)

    Been toying with the idea of getting one for a while and finally bit the bullet. If you have a compatible logitech pedal set it’s a no brainer. Excellent build quality and way more predictable braking = faster more consistent times.

    Wish they did more mods tbh.

  7. Alessandro Lamanna

    I rarely write reviews, but I just installed this mod and felt like I needed to put out my two cents. I researched both this and the loadcell mod and I am more than happy with my choice. The pedal feel is a night and day difference with a short, progressively stiff travel. If you are completely used to your g29 brake setup, you will initially regret your purchase. “What the hell, this pedal feels weird!” About 10 laps in, I was like “this is awesome!” Once you get used the amount of pressure needed for 100%, 50% and 5% your trail braking will be improved and you will carry more speed through the corners. I was able to match my best lap times that took numerous attempts in GTsport time trial within the first 10 laps and with a little more time will easily beat it easily. You will also be more consistent lap after lap. Easy install and extremely well built. Highly recommend. No need to spend more money on a loadcell mod when this works beautifully!

  8. Rebel_488 (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit and really upgrades the pedal to something you will love. It takes a short time to get used to but you will quickly adapt your braking style to something very like an actual race car, accuracy becomes much easier, trail braking becomes instinctual. Don’t hesitate this is a bargain at the price. I preferred the 3mil option with less travel. Easy to fit.

  9. James Taylor

    Easy to install. Plug & play.
    Used on Gran Turismo Sport (PS4).
    I am very impressed with the brake feel and firmness, it’s very realistic and comparable to a real car!
    Brake pedal initially moves about 3mm then brake pressure is both felt through the pedal and applied to the vehicle. More pressure, (applied through a further 5mm of pedal travel) gives the vehicle between 1 and 100% in-game brake force.
    It takes real effort to reach 100% brake pressure, but nothing over the top. Heel and toe is so much better with the mod. More control is possible, and blipping the throttle whilst on the brakes is easier as the brake pedal depresses a much reduced distance. Added much needed realism to the brake. Very happy.

  10. xriccox62

    THANKS :-))
    (eBay Feedback)

  11. Giovanni

    I used to have a rubber mod and I was quite satisfied with it comparing to the default brake. But now braking feels even more detailed and progressive. Trailbraking comes more naturally. The run of the pedal is very reduced and it feels like pushing a brick. I installed the hard buffer and got used to it after a very few laps. It may not be a real load cell but the feeling is the closest thing you can get. My laps definitely got more consistent.
    Truebrake is great value for its price: good performances, plug’n play installation, great building quality (metal, metal, metal).
    Definitely a bargain for Logitech users

  12. ezroller2k11

    Fast delivery, well package, great seller
    (eBay Feedback)

  13. Brewskie27

    Awsome little upgrade and very easy to fit

    Highly recommended ?

  14. dyla_bourg

    The best TrueBrake Mod for G920
    (eBay Feedback)

  15. chorsley12

    Item as described and super fast delivery
    (eBay Feedback)

  16. e-finley

    Thank you
    (eBay Feedback)

  17. petewturner

    Really easy mod. Braking feels much more realistic. Quick postage. Dead happy!
    (eBay Feedback)

  18. alpha76

    Excéllent travail,un load cell entièrement usiné! il vaut largement son prix face à la
    concurrence,montage simple et aucune modification sur le pédalier d’origine,
    prévoir de fixé le pédalier et le siège.
    je vais suivre à l’avenir AXC SIM pour de futur achat, Merçi.

  19. tonyseve49

    Load cell d’excéllente qualité ,du travail de pro! fixé le pédalier.
    (eBay Feedback)

  20. superbad1970

    Perfect brake pedal mod! Pedal is so realistic now. Worth every penny!!!
    (eBay Feedback)

  21. Maarten Havinga

    To review this item in one word: WAUW!
    I just installed the Truebrake system in my Logitech G29, and I was surprised how easy the install was!!
    Also the instructions were ery clear to follow!

    It drives, and feels so much better then the stock Logitech hardware.

    AXC-SIM, keep up the good work.

    You have made me very happy indeed.

  22. JB

    Quality item. Really pleased with it!

  23. wizardoz39

    Wow, braking feels much more realistic. Will take a bit of getting used to.
    (eBay Feedback)

  24. traylord (verified owner)

    Very simple and usefull mod. Makes your pedals a totally different set. Awesome job, best upgrade ever.

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