Potentiometer Upgrade Kit for Logitech G Series Pedals

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This kit replaces the standard Logitech pedal potentiometer with a high quality linear position sensor. If your old pots are worn then this will solve your problem. If you want to upgrade your pedal potentiometers to a smoother, finer and more reliable sensor then this is for you.

This design replaces the stock potentiometer, gears and springs with a sensor directly driven by the pedal.  Fully compatible with the PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.


  • Plug and Play – No soldering required
  • Gives the same output range as the stock potentiometers
  • Fully compatible with the PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC
  • Fits Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / G923 pedals
  • Suitable for accelerator, brake and clutch pedals
  • Fully engineered solution
  • 12 Month Warranty

Installation Video:

Pack Contents:

  • PCB with onboard linear potentiometer
  • Potentiometer Wiper (CNC machined aluminium)
  • Assorted Hardware
  • 2mm Hex Key


This kit comes with 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase.
If you have a problem installing this product after purchase then please log a support ticket.

30 day returns 

In the unlikely event that you are disappointed by your Potentiometer Upgrade Kit you can return it for a refund (within 30 days of you receiving your order).

Questions and answers of the customers

    How much is the single potentiometer replacement kit in American money ?
  1. Q How much is the single potentiometer replacement kit in American money ?
    Asked on 29th December 2021 9:03 pm

    Hi Paul,
    At the moment £17.49 (GBP) is equal to approx. $25 (USD).

  2. After a few hours of use, potentiometer makes a squeeky sound. The wiper unit traveling up-and-down on the PCB squeeks. What should I do? Does it loose signal if I lube it with something?
  3. Q After a few hours of use, potentiometer makes a squeeky sound. The wiper unit traveling up-and-do...... Read more
    Asked on 8th December 2021 8:31 pm
    A We ship them with some silicone grease now to stop this. Put some silicone grease on the sensor in the area shown on this picture. The silicone grease does not affect the signal.
  4. Does the brakes kit already come with its own different potentiometer
  5. Q Does the brakes kit already come with its own different potentiometer
    Asked on 28th September 2021 12:51 am
    A Yes TrueBrake has its own internal potentiometer.
  6. Does it improve the performance of the pedals and how? will I notice a difference versus stock?
  7. Q Does it improve the performance of the pedals and how? will I notice a difference versus stock?
    Asked on 28th September 2021 12:48 am
    A The main advantage is the improved reliability. The stock pots are affected by dirt, dust and wear relatively quickly. The linear pot used in our kit is sealed and has a life of 1,000,000+ cycles.

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16 reviews for Potentiometer Upgrade Kit for Logitech G Series Pedals

  1. Elmino Pereira (verified owner)

    Excellent option to replace the old potentiometers, I bought the set for the throttle and the result is so fine that I just bought the Truebrake V2 to install on my G29.
    The improvement is really incredible and I congratulate AXC for the success. Greetings from Panama

  2. alexander lopez (verified owner)

    shipped well, easy plug and play install, great product!

  3. Chris Cuthbertson (verified owner)

    Bought two to replace my dying throttle and brake pots, everything went together perfectly, and pedals are now working better than ever.

    Kept well updated on order process, and arrived very quickly.

    Highly recommended.

  4. divnasofia (verified owner)

    The best potentiometer upgrade. It works perfectly

  5. pbrat557 (verified owner)

    Grate product and grate feeling after upgrade. No plastic-fantastic parts under the foot. Acceleration is smooth and precise. Only problem I had after the install was badly installed spring on pedal and that gives signal like throttle was kick down when pedal was not toutched. Greatings from Poland, shipment was delivered in 7 days.

  6. Gerald Maly (verified owner)

    This potentiometer is sooo much better than the original one and looks so much more like an innovation, a modern part from today, easy and effective designed. All the original parts look for me like 30 years old. I bought it because of the known problem of the (throttle) flutter always up and down and spin the car, makes no fun by driving…. but now the game has changed and I am very happy by driving with that Product, very good work. Gerald from Austria

  7. Thomas Dickson (verified owner)

    Thought my pedals were done for until I found this mod. Game changer. Easy to install, tutorial video is perfect and the shipping was quick as well. Thanks again guys!

  8. Frankiestail (verified owner)

    Finally a proper solution to the problem pots in the Logitech pedals. A very inventive and easily fitted product that really is just plug and play.
    Worked without any setting up on my ps5 and at a very reasonable price. Well done axc sim on developing this.

  9. Callum Smith (verified owner)

    Finally, I can get back to racing competitively again!!
    There’s nothing worse than spikey pedals that have issues holding 100% throttle.
    This is a great product which fixed my throttle problems – I’m sure I’ll look to upgrade the brake and clutch pedals with this product too, in due course.

    Thank you for taking the time to create this well designed product so we can save our pedals! 🙂

    Best Regards

  10. Lee Hatton (verified owner)

    Got really fed up with cleaning and greasing the o/e Potentiometer’s fitted as standard by logitech. Bought two AXC potentiometers upgrade kit for the brake and gas pedal. A breeze to fit and the quality is spot on. Main thing is they work a treat, and I am now looking forward to not stripping down the pedal set again, well until i fit my Truebrake mod, which i have just ordered today.

  11. adhd43thatsme (verified owner)

    My first experience with axc-sim.com was the discovery of the true brake mod for my G29 pedals. I check back now and then to see if there’s any merch to rep while sim racing. Then I noticed the pot upgrade and my accelerator pedal was getting a little unreliable especially on quali laps. This install is NOT hard. The 1 hour it took me to add this mod is from the G29 disassembly. Let me say this upgrade was instantly noticeable! The pedal is more precise and has a larger range of input. So just barely give it gas and it registers. I still haven’t figured out what the silicone grease was for because there’s no water tight connectors and you wouldn’t lube up the sensor on the chip to my knowledge of electronic connections. Anyways, I one hundred percent approve of this upgrade even for working fine pedals. Just watch the install video and you can’t mess this up. BUY THIS but only if you want a more enjoyable experience or if you want to improve your skillset.

  12. Tom Baldwin (verified owner)

    A new ‘lease of life’? No. Far better than that: The answer to ‘planned obsolescence.’

    When used as an accelerator (in conjunction with the Truebrake for the middle pedal), the Potentiometer Upgrade is really, really smooth and precise. Straight out of the box, the system worked first time and gave a full range of motion in GT Sport. (Unlike a certain ‘Italian’ 3D-Printed kit one could mention!)

    Over the past few months of nearly two years’ worth of usage, my brake and accelerator’s signal noise has grown increasingly intolerable. The ABS Light flickering on and off; ‘threshold’ and ‘limit’ braking became a near impossibility; variable stopping distances measured more in ‘days and calendar months’ than ‘feet and inches’; ‘Fruity’, mid-engined, Italian Sports Cars getting ‘frisky’ on the exit of any and all tight turns.

    Disassembling and cleaning the G29 Pedal Set’s potentiometers revealed an obvious wear pattern. But, worse than that, those rotary pots had clearly entered a ‘death spiral.’ Within 6 weeks, the spiky noise returned; then four weeks; then two… And it is clear that these component parts are not designed to be serviced and maintained. Bending back and forth the metal pins, holding the rotary potentiometers together, it’s only a matter of time before they go “ping” and snap off.

    By contrast, the AXC Sim Potentiometer Upgrade clearly looks both durable and maintainable. Time will tell, but the omens so far – after a couple of weeks – are really good.

  13. GT7vEN (verified owner)

    Great product. I put it on the gas pedal. Works smoothly and clearly.

  14. Sam Kersley (verified owner)

    I had been searching for a repair for my sons G29 pedals as the potentiometers had worn out, tried sourcing myself but none compatible. Found these and took a punt, worked a treat! Easy to install with help from the videos, no setup or config needed so even better. Wish these had been around a while ago…….got a happy son! Thanks for a great fix! Totally recommend!

  15. Alexio Cabanero (verified owner)

    Straight forward and easy to install. All 3 replaced potentiomers works flawlessly. Had to subtract one star though because one of the standoffs weren’t threaded and I wasn’t able to screw one in. I screwed the other one pretty tight, hopefully its tight enough to where it could somehow screw loose.

    • Rob Green (h)

      Hi Alexio, Glad to hear you like your pot kit! Sorry about the standoff issue, it’s not something we anticipated being a problem! We’ll send you some new ones in the post to fix that for you.

  16. James (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical about this as it is so different to the stock potentiometer. I’m really pleased with it though. Easy to install and works perfectly. Keep up the good work AXC!

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