TrueBrake Installation Manual

Potentiometer Kit Installation Manual

We are working on the Installation manual for the pot kits and it will be available to download soon. In the meantime please see the below video.

Pot Kit v1.1 Install hints:

  • The V1.1 pot kit has a plastic screw as part of the wiper. Do not remove the plastic screw and do not use it for any “adjustments” as it is already set to the correct length.
  • If you are losing signal at zero pedal then you may need to lift up the PCB by 1mm. The below video shows the PCB being pushed down and then the screws being tightened. In some cases this means the wiper goes off the edge of the sensor at zero pedal resulting in a floating value and loss of signal. If this is happening then loosen the screws, lift up the PCB by 1mm and re-tighten the screws.
Pot Kit Install

Gran Turismo Decals

Download these decal files to add TrueBrake and AXC-SIM logos to your car livery. The files are in a compressed zip file and will need extracting before uploading to .