TrueBrake V2 – Brake Pedal Mod for Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920/G923

(104 customer reviews)


Improved lap times. Consistent trail braking. TrueBrake is the most cost effective mod for your Logitech brake pedal. Get on pole with TrueBrake in your Logitech Pedals! Suitable for all G25 G27 G29 G920 G923 Logitech Pedals.


What is TrueBrake?

TrueBrake is a tried and tested upgrade component for the for the Logitech Brake Pedal*. It changes the pedal to feel positive and realistic in a similar way to a load cell. It is the most appropriate and cost effective brake pedal mod available for your Logitech brake pedal. 
* Suitable for the Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 & G923

What does TrueBrake do to my Brake Pedal?

  • Changes your relationship with the brake pedal to a load based sensation
  • Increases the load required to reach full braking
  • Reduces the amount of brake pedal travel to a few millimetres

Main spring options

TrueBrake is available with 4 different main spring options:

  • (A) Red 38kg  – Hard
  • (B) Yellow 30kg
  • (C) Green 23kg – Popular choice
  • (D) Blue 15kg – Soft

*Approximate load required to reach full braking.

TrueBrake V2 with all the main spring options.
The four TrueBrake main spring options.

Which main spring option should I choose?

Are you using this on PC or Console? If you are using a console then go for a softer spring. Do you have you pedals mounted to a rig? If no, go softer. Is your chair likely to move? If yes, go softer. Your size, weight and strength comes into it. If you are small and light then you might struggle with the 100% main spring. If in doubt, go softer. The main springs are also available separately here:


(Note we are not responsible for 3rd party content)


(Note we are not responsible for 3rd party content)


(Note we are not responsible for 3rd party content)

What’s inside TrueBrake?

  • Cylinder and body: CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminium
  • Piston: Has maximum of 4mm of travel inside the cylinder
  • Main Spring: Heavy duty spring resists the movement of the piston
  • Circlip: Retains the piston in the cylinder
  • Linear Motion Potentiometer: High quality sensor that detects movement of the piston

TrueBrake cut away diagram.

Engineering Quality

All the components are housed in a 6061-T6 aluminium body and cylinder, CNC machined by AXC and designed to fit perfectly inside the Logitech pedal assembly. The end result is a robust and reliable pedal where the braking control is about pedal load rather than pedal travel. Just like a brake pedal should be! AXC SIM engineered sim racing products

Is TrueBrake a load cell?

We consider TrueBrake an “Electromechanical Load Cell” or a “Potentiometer Based Load Cell”.  Be clear that TrueBrake is not a Strain Gauge Load Cell. Strain Gauge Load Cells use an electrical strain gauge to measure the small bending of a spring element, which is often a metal beam. Using TrueBrake in your Logitech pedals gives similar end results as using a Strain Gauge Load Cell but at a much more affordable price.

Easy Installation

The TrueBrake component replaces the stock Logitech brake potentiometer. No drilling, cutting or soldering required. TrueBrake can be installed using simple tools.

Whats in the TrueBrake box?

  • 1 TrueBrake Unit
  • 1 Pedal Return Spring
  • 3 sizes of Buffers to adjust pedal free play.

Can I return my TrueBrake if I don’t like it?

In the unlikely event that you are disappointed by your TrueBrake (within 30 days of you receiving it) you can return it for a refund.


TrueBrake comes with 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase. Spares, support and repairs available. Contact us for more information.



Please contact us if you have any questions.

The TrueBrake component is not a standalone item. It can only be used for the repair or modification of Logitech pedals.

Logitech pedals are not included with the TrueBrake component.

The TrueBrake component will not affect the compatibility of your pedals with any system. It works perfectly with the PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

TrueBrake is manufactured and distributed exclusively by AXC SIM (Aeroxcraft Ltd). The TrueBrake Logo and AXC SIM Logo are registered trademarks of Aeroxcraft Ltd. Logitech the Logitech logo and other Logitech marks are owned by Logitech and may be registered.  PS, PlayStation, PS3, PS4 & PS5 are all registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Questions and answers of the customers

    Which spring you recommend for playstation 5 and gt7? I got playseat challenge so i dont want seat to lift off but i want to get that muscle memory for consistency and stiff brake. I am just afraid, because no pedal calibrating option on playstation, is there any chance i could not press brake to 100% with 23kg spring (60%) ?
  1. Q Which spring you recommend for playstation 5 and gt7? I got playseat challenge so i dont want sea...... Read more
    Asked on 6th March 2023 12:29 am

    Hi, Blue or Green is fine with that setup.

    Note that we also sell the springs separately for you to change yourself.

  2. What tools will I need to swap out the main spring of the True Brake V2? I am currently using the yellow spring and would like to switch to the green one for better modulation. Thanks!
  3. Q What tools will I need to swap out the main spring of the True Brake V2? I am currently using the...... Read more
    Asked on 4th July 2022 1:03 am

    Hi, You need circlip pliers. There's a video on the main spring product page showing how to change them.

  4. Hi what tools are needed for the installation of the true brake to the g29 ?
  5. Q Hi what tools are needed for the installation of the true brake to the g29 ?
    Asked on 26th January 2022 11:42 am

    Good question!

    Ideally you need:

    • 5mm Hex Key
    • 2.5mm Hex Key
    • 10mm Spanner/wrench
    • Long Nose Pliers
    • Philips Screwdrivers




  6. Just want to confirm it will work if the pedals are going through the wheel base, running f1 2021 with ps4. If so what spring tension would you recommend. Everything is hard mounted nothing can move.
  7. Q Just want to confirm it will work if the pedals are going through the wheel base, running f1 2021...... Read more
    Asked on 13th November 2021 2:53 pm


    Yes it works perfectly with the wheelbase. 

    Its down to personal choice in your situation as it sounds like your rig could handle any of the options.

    The most popular choice is the 60%. You can always change the main spring at a later date if you wanted, they are available to buy separately.

  8. Is there any concern when using the Leo Bodnar adapter with this mod? I've heard that the adapter reverses the polarity of the positive and negative rails and could be an issue with some sensors.
  9. Q Is there any concern when using the Leo Bodnar adapter with this mod? I've heard that the adapter...... Read more
    Asked on 17th September 2021 7:48 pm
    A Hi Jacob, It works fine with the Bodnar cable. It also works connected either way on the red/black, it just reverses the direction of the brake on the PC.
  10. When you say the main spring affects changes the amount of force required to reach full braking, graphically speaking, does that mean the final load/travel slope is flatter?
  11. Q When you say the main spring affects changes the amount of force required to reach full braking, ...... Read more
    Asked on 31st August 2021 7:00 am
    A Hi Marvin, Yes it does mean that.
  12. Please make me a true throttle
  13. Q Please make me a true throttle
    Asked on 5th August 2021 5:30 pm
    A Hi Doug, Are you having problems with your throttle potentiometer? We have a replacement pot kit coming out very soon. Add your email to the in stock notifier here: Thanks Rob 
  14. Does anyone also use truebrake as replacement accelerator pedal and clutch
  15. Q Does anyone also use truebrake as replacement accelerator pedal and clutch
    Asked on 4th August 2021 8:22 pm
    A Hi Shane, We get asked this regularly. In theory yes it would work but we don't  advise it simply because it would not be very realistic (and expensive!).  Are you having problems with your throttle potentiometer? We have a replacement pot kit coming out very soon. Add your email to the in stock notifier here: Thanks Rob 
  16. Hi. You have 3 spring options - I assume this is to adjust how ‘hard’ it would be to achieve 100% brake force? I am finding mashing the default rubber in the pedal unit already a struggle (as I don’t have a full sim rig) so would I be better using the 80% or 60% option to reduce the physical force required?
  17. Q Hi. You have 3 spring options - I assume this is to adjust how ‘hard’ it would be to achieve 100%...... Read more
    Asked on 11th April 2021 4:17 pm

    Hi Toby,
    Yes, that's correct,. The springs change the amount of force required to reach full braking. The 100% main spring is the hardest, 80% is softer and 60% is the softest.
    If you don't have a sim rig then it would be better to go with a softer spring. Also if you're using a PS4/5 or Xbox rather than a PC then go with a softer spring. On the PC you can calibrate maximum braking to your liking but this isn't possible on the Playstation or Xbox.


  18. Hi, just a question about using the upgrade on a ps4. Does it need calibrating and are there actually any calibration settings on the console or is it as simple plug and play? Cheers
  19. Q Hi, just a question about using the upgrade on a ps4. Does it need calibrating and are there actu...... Read more
    Asked on 12th February 2021 2:38 pm

    On the PS4 and Xbox there is no console level calibration. Some games do have pedal calibration and settings.

    On the PC you can calibrate the maximum braking to your liking in the windows control panel or G-hub software.

    In either case TrueBrake is plug and play and will work without calibration.

  20. Is there a warranty if any internal parts fail over time?
  21. Q Is there a warranty if any internal parts fail over time?
    Asked on 12th February 2021 12:13 pm

    TrueBrake comes with a 12 month warranty. We will either repair or replace your TrueBrake if it breaks or stops working in the warranty period. If it fails out of warranty we have full spares availability which will be listed on the website soon.

  22. Does this pedal mod only work if you have a PC?
  23. Q Does this pedal mod only work if you have a PC?
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 12:12 pm

    It works on the PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. TrueBrake does not affect the compatibility of any platforms or games.

  24. Does TrueBrake work with the new G923 wheel and pedals?
  25. Q Does TrueBrake work with the new G923 wheel and pedals?
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 11:59 am

    Yes, it works with all the Logitech Pedals: G25, G27, G29, G920 and G923.

  26. Hi, I just went to place an order for the true brake mod for my g29, on the product page it was showing £49.99, as soon as I added it to the basket, that jumped to £59.99? Can you confirm why the is happening? Thanks
  27. Q Hi, I just went to place an order for the true brake mod for my g29, on the product page it was s...... Read more
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 11:55 am

    The website detected you are in the UK and added VAT tax.  This only applies to UK customers.

  28. Do I need a Leo Bodnar cable for this to work?
  29. Q Do I need a Leo Bodnar cable for this to work?
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 11:34 am
    A No it you don’t need it. Most of our customers don’t use the Leo Bodnar cable with the TrueBrake.
  30. I have inverted my pedals will this affect performance of your product?
  31. Q I have inverted my pedals will this affect performance of your product?
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 11:34 am
    A That is not a problem. TrueBrake can work at any angle.
  32. Morning AXC, I bought the True Brake and was just wondering when the item will be dispatched please. Many Thanks
  33. Q Morning AXC, I bought the True Brake and was just wondering when the item will be dispatched ple...... Read more
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 10:59 am

    Hi ,
    Your order will be shipping on the date shown on the product page when you placed the order.  Your order was placed on the 1st Feb is a pre-order for batch Feb#4 which ships on the 22nd February.

  34. Do you ship to the US?
  35. Q Do you ship to the US?
    Asked on 2nd February 2021 10:50 am

    Yes. We ship to the US, Canada, Europe and everywhere else. The best choice  for shipping to the US is by Fedex, it will show as an option once you have entered your address information at checkout.


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104 reviews for TrueBrake V2 – Brake Pedal Mod for Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920/G923

  1. Anthony H (verified owner)

    Great brake mod. Make a huge different in braking feel. Well build. Thank guys. Awesome job!!

  2. Adrian hawcroft

    Absolutely perfect gives you a true brake pedal feel highly recommend

  3. raliedel (verified owner)

    Amazing! I ordered mine on the 10th and received it on the 13th of January.

    Took about 20 minutes to install into my G27 pedals. Immediately, I felt the difference in the brakes. I jumped into an iRacing practice room and picked .4 on my best overall lap time at that particular track.

    This product is worth every penny. I ordered the 30kg (yellow) spring version because mine is mounted to a wheel stand. I might have miscalculated that a touch, but I’ll get better. The quality of the product is second to none.

    If you have a G27, and you want the feel of a load cell without the price, this for you. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. martinbuyl81 (verified owner)

    really great mod thx

  5. Pedro (verified owner)

    Definitely a must have for all g29 users, it is a great improvement over the original brake pedal and i’m very happy with my purchase !

  6. Tam Vu (verified owner)

    I got mine with the green spring in 4 days to California. What a nicely made product. Installation was easy and the difference was incredible. I used the largest spacer for the least amount of play. It’s amazing how much better the brake pedal feels compared to stock. Within half an hour of playing, I was able to brake at the limit much more consistently. Trail braking is now much easier to be consistent, which was really noticeable on WRC Generations. At this price, it’s a bargain.

  7. Todd Richardt (verified owner)

    UPGRADE IN THE USA. The Way To Do It!

    I ordered the True Brake (Blue)with an extra (green) spring and the twin pack of the Potentiometer Upgrade Kit to upgrade the G29 completely . All parts went in easy and the brake system made a big difference. I can also tell a very small difference in the gas and clutch pedals from the Potentiometer Upgrade. Just feels smoother without the gears for some reason. I live on the west coast of the USA and it was worth the little bit of shipping to get the parts and I was surprised when they showed up 5 days after I ordered.

    Driving has improved instantly and the way the True Brake simulates a load cell is Impressive and this is worth buying over just another spring or damper. This is the way!

  8. Bill Pritchard Jr (verified owner)

    Amazing product, easy to install. The shipping was really fast; I ordered it on a Monday, and it was at my door by Wednesday. I use it on the iRacing World of Outlaws game for the ps4 and ps5, and I immediately cut .2 to .3 tenths a lap off my fastest laps. I also installed the potentiometer on the throttle pedal, and I am just as impressed with it as I am with the truebrake! I think with a bit of tweaking on the brakes; I can get the almost exact same feel as my dirt-modified big car. I can’t give these products enough stars!!!

  9. Andy B

    What a difference, only used it for 10mins after install and already feels much better – only had my G923 set for 6months and wish it came with the mod out the box. Using a wheel stand and computer chair, may need to remove the chair casters as pushing the brake hard pushes my chair back :-). Definitely need more time to adjust but certainly has a better feel of control under breaking. Instructions where spot on too. Great job!

  10. Ashley Y (verified owner)

    To anyone with Logitech pedals, this kit is a must have!!

    I now have more confidence in my braking and I can control my brake force and when my wheels lock with a slight pressure change rather than moving my foot too much. I’ve only had this installed for a few days and I’m already knocking seconds off my personal bests at most tracks on iRacing.

    Thank you for an amazing piece of kit, I wish I had bought it sooner.

  11. allman197373 (verified owner)

    I honestly thought these pedals (G920) were ready for the trash… then I stumbled onto this site. I read all the reviews and all 5 star ratings. Gave ‘er a try and thought, “yeah, I can wait till the end of August since they’re all on break”. I get them 3 days later. Install took about an hour and a half total (including the accelerator portion. Hooked ‘er up to iRacing… BAM this is quality work…. Save your money and go this route if you down have money flowing from your backside to get a full DD setup. At least I can play now while I save money for a DD set up.
    Thanks for getting it across the pond so fast, I wasn’t expecting FedEx knocking on my door 4 days later… 🙂

    From California

  12. Danny Brown (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit. Love tinkering so this is right up my street. Not too much work to get into place. It’s certainly well made and feels brilliant in game. I went for the 15kg (softest) spring as don’t have a mounted set up, and this doesn’t feel like it is straining the pedals on the floor. In the short time I have used it, it feels like night and day compared to the stock pedal. Really gives you a sense of control over the brakes, and feels like a hydraulic brake in any car. One small issue I had was a “clunk” near full travel, I did some digging around and it seems where the bottom of the truebrake bolts into the pedal, is where the noise was coming from. I loosened that bolt a touch to give it a bit of free rotation and the noise has since stopped, maybe a small piece of advice if anyone has the same issue, it’s definitely not the truebrake. Brilliant service, thank you!

    • Rob Green (w)

      The noise you describe was probably coming from the large M6 bolt not being tight enough. If the bolt will not tighten up enough to stop any movement then adding a washer will solve the issue. Glad to hear you like your TrueBrake! Cheers, Rob.

  13. Tony Holmes (verified owner)

    The main problems with the default Logitech brake pedal are: Too much travel, too little resistance, and that the pot gets dirty. Logitech tried to fix this on the 920 with the rubber bung in the spring, and on the 923 with the progressive spring. Neither was ideal. I used to own a load cell brake mod for the Logitech pedals. I prefer the True Brake. It fixes the problem with the amount of travel and the amount of resistance, and presumably also fixes the issue with the pot getting dirty (as it is inside the cylinder now). And as we know from Hooke’s Law that a non-variable spring compresses a certain amount based on the amount of force, the pot in the True Brake is measuring the pressure applied by the foot, just like a load cell. (I prefer the True Brake to the load cell I had previously because the load cell needed too much force applying for full brake travel, plus I like a bit of movement on the brake, it is what the brake in my real car does).

  14. stabbotrev (verified owner)

    I purchased the tru break mod a couple of months ago, I found trail breaking to be inconsistent with the standard G29 break pedal.

    As soon as I fitted it (easy instal as well) I noticed a massive difference, within a few laps of each track my lap times came down significantly. Trail breaking came easy all of a sudden, and I was able to be competitive online at a decent level.

    Honestly this mod is an absolute game changer, it’s everything I hoped for and has made such a big difference to my racing.

    I have just ordered the potentiometers upgrade today as I have just read the reviews, can’t wait to try them out. Honestly this is an amazing product, Bravo!

  15. morfei1 (verified owner)

    I installed truebrake v2.2 on my G29 set + GT Omega Classic Stand . I ‘ve ordered the blue 15kg spring and I play GT7 on PS5. So far so good.

  16. JASON HUBBARD (verified owner)

    I finally installed this mod. I ordered the green and yellow springs. I have the green installed currently. I already had the Gteye spring mod installed and that already was a huge improvement. When I installed this mod I also decided to pair it with Leo Bodnar cable and what a difference!! Trail braking is now achievable for me. This mod is a definite yes if you have logitech pedals. I don’t know if I’ll try the yellow spring as the green feels good on a wheel stand pro. We are so blessed in this hobby to have quality mods available for reasonable prices made by other sim racers.

  17. Christopher Byrd (verified owner)

    Love it so far! Takes some getting used to the amount of pressure required, but there is less guess work and more just knowing how much brake you’re feeding the car. Very much worth the asking price. Great mod for our beloved g29s/920s. Also possibly the fastest I’ve ever gotten something from the UK to Washington state. Took 3 working days. The F1 store took 3 months!

  18. rjresides (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for anyone using the G29. Took about an hour to install (swapped the clutch/gas spring for better throttle control while it was open) and everything worked great. Took about 15 laps to get used to and then proceeded to take off 2.5+ seconds off my best lap times in GT7.

  19. adhd43thatsme (verified owner)

    If you use logitech for sim racing you already know the brake pedal is a joke. If you need precise trail braking and the feel of a true race brake then buy this. There are many different configurations you can test to find your best feel. This mod improved my speed instantly. The most important thing in sim racing is braking. Sometimes you only need 12% or 64% braking. This gives you the ability to hit those brake numbers for consistent lap times. It’s so easy to install. I’m going into my 2nd year with V2. I’ve had zero problems with this mod. This is gold.

  20. luhungnuraga (verified owner)

    Finally it can be shipped to Indonesia. Great mod!

  21. stephanbierod

    Best mod ever, works perfectly and has a very high repetition accuracy.
    TrueBrake V2, 15kg version, PS5
    Next step True Pedal for accelerator…

  22. justposted (verified owner)

    Another positive review to add to the pile. This thing is a marvel. If you follow the AXC video instructions then installation is easy. Took me a while as I was paranoid about breaking the tiny wires, but it isn’t difficult. As others have said, it really does feel like there is no travel once the brake is engaged – just pressure. My braking distances have dropped significantly as a result, plus I lock up less and can trail brake consistently.

    I put some scales against a wall to test my braking force with my office chair and got about 25kg or 30kg at a push, so went with the green spring, which seems to have been the right answer (I can push hard but don’t need to push my chair over to reach 100%). Having the kg rating on the spring options really helped there. For info, I have an office chair with castor cups and my pedals are set against a wall.

    Cost me almost £100 to get TrueBrake plus the potentiometer kit, but that’s still less than half the cost of a Fanatec CSL LC set and is more appropriate for my desk set-up.

  23. Tom Jenkins (verified owner)

    This is incredible. Completely transforms the pedal. It’s genuinely made me better or at least gave me the confidence and motivation to push and improve my sim driving. If you can’t afford to splash hundreds on new gear like me, get this. It is so worth it!

  24. Philip Lee (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed. I have used the truebrake for 3 months now and it has made a great difference to my consistency. It’s important to make sure you have a stable, rigid seat so that you can make the best of it. Once you do, it is so much easier to judge and refine your braking as you repeat laps.

  25. Siegfried Samson (verified owner)

    I purchased this product and it arrived on 03.03.2022. I have installed it immediately after purchase and man, what a difference! It truly replicates a load cell at half the price you can literally dose the amount you brake and trail braking is a breeze now. Totally worth it! Also Rob is the nicest guy ever!

  26. pianistagabriel (verified owner)

    Alright, I don’t usually write reviews at all, but I’d say these guys from axc-sim deserve it! Got my Truebrake V2 mod a few days ago and have never tried load cell brakes before. I wanna say this is how load cell brakes must feel like based on all I know from reading and watching YouTube videos. It LITERALLY feels like braking by pressure even though it’s a potentiometer. I personally feel no travel, just pressure. I’ve got the 100% spring (also bought the 80% just in case). Most people said to get the 60%, but I’m an avid cyclist so I’d say I’ve got strong legs. No problem for me. I think most people should get the 80% spring + the 60% just in case. Only a few dollars (I’m in the US). I already had a pretty good high pressure mod (eraser), but had to open and clean the pedal quite often because it shreds a lot with the constant squeezing from braking. This Truebrake V2 mod adds the same concept, + no need for cleaning, + you can customize the travel distance before the pedal hits the braking point just like irl. Again, once you hit the braking point, it feels like all you need is pressure. Then it’s easy to let the pressure gradually go, so you can trail brake while turning. Should’ve bought it way earlier, but it’s all good. I appreciate it even more now. Thank you axc-sim guys for the design and for helping out the sim racing community! Consistency in lap times is even easier now while racing. Go for it!

  27. Jeremy Reeder (verified owner)

    Bought this for a G923 60 percent spring all I can say is wow. This upgrade is most certainly worth it, trail braking is actually possible now. Consistency has improved dramatically as well.

  28. Norman Dreyer Sarria

    Simple y fácil de instalar, recomiendo darse su tiempo anter de armar por completo para configurar tanto en el juego como en el pedal, logra la comodidad y veras que la frenada sera impecable no importante el desgaste de gomas. Ahora deseo solucionar mi problema con el acelerador, compre la otra actualización, hay carreras que me limita y espero que con la otra actualización poder volver a competir de verdad contra los que usan mandos, que parecen invencible en eso. 100% recomendable la versión 1.0 es un gran avance y la 2.1 da la confianza para seguir mejorando. Gracias, espero dar también buena reseña en el otro producto. Saludos desde chile.✌

  29. pbrat557 (verified owner)

    Grate improvement, I install it on my new G923 witch I bouth it a week ago. Worth every money. Shipment was delevered after 7 days from order. Greatings from Poland.

  30. Gerald Maly (verified owner)

    I am very happy with that brake mod for the G29, it is a much better feeling than the original brake. I found it because of the original potentiometer problem and bought both parts. Gerald from Austria

  31. Philip Scott (verified owner)

    My G29 is attached to a Wheelstand Pro & I use it to play F1 2021 on PS5.
    After reading reviews & advice on this website, I opted for the 60% spring & installed the 2nd largest buffer.
    My first impression was that a lot of force was needed to reach 100% braking & it was hard to gauge gentle braking due to the play in the pedal.
    Firstly, I discovered the brake saturation setting in game & set it to 60%, which increases the brake sensitivity & makes it much easier to reach 100% braking.
    Secondly, I installed the largest buffer which has the least pedal travel & then found it much easier to gauge how much pressure to apply.
    I haven’t tried the 40% spring but my guess would be that it would be better suited for playing on consoles, even though the 60% spring is fine when the aforementioned saturation setting is used.
    Buy this mod, you won’t be disappointed!

  32. lyraz (verified owner)

    Hello this mod is just fantastic but I think that the 100% spring is too hard there is unfortunately no spring away but duck directly because that is a shame the 60% spring is definitely much better I still have to get used to it after almost 3 months And brake not yet properly so that I have been driving without shoes for 10 years and now have to drive with shoes because of that I have no real feeling I have to learn hard on the brake immediately you press and in curves where you brake lightly you have to press hard with it it brakes well but this mod is just super sorry for my english is nod good

  33. Frankiestail (verified owner)

    Beautifully made and easily fitted, this feels just like a proper brake pedal. Supplied spacers and optional springs allow for adjustment even on console. The softest spring is perfect for my arthritic knee. Wholeheartedly recommend the truebrake.

  34. Louis (verified owner)

    I can’t give this mod enough praise. Simply great, it really does what it says. It feels and works like or almost like a load cell brake – which is going off how much pressure is applied not how much pedal travel, unlike the original Logitech pedals.

    I had originally gotten stiffer springs for my g29 pedal but was still finding it hard to trail brake and apply the right amount of pressure.

    With this mod installed I can now confidently apply the right amount of brake pressure and ever so slightly ease the braking phase into the trail braking phase and boy does it ever make all the difference in lap times.

    Highly recommend this if you want to step up your game as they all say the first thing and if it is the only thing you can do is upgrade your pedals. This is definitely a cheaper option for many which still gives you the load cell like operation on the brakes. Installation was breezy – just take your time.

  35. leopoloco

    Very realistic! Trail braking is possible in a more natural way. Totally worth it. Thanks, AXC-SIM! Cheers from Mexico.

  36. GT7vEN (verified owner)

    Great mod. As if I changed the pedals to more expensive ones.

  37. Henri Nagelhout (verified owner)

    Does exactly what is says on the tin. Easy to install.
    I needed a few laps to adjust,
    but after the adjustment period my lap times are going down.
    v2.1 100% spring and minimal travel buffer feels excellent for me.
    Sturdy rig is advised, getting some flex on my playseat evolution.

  38. christian.anni (verified owner)

    the first thing I saw when I opened the pack was that this is a product made with love.
    very good built quality.
    I don’t know if I have improve my times but the feeling with the brake now is fantastic, is much much easier to control the power of the brakes now, finally I can drive without ABS and learn to race properly.
    (sorry for the english, I’m from italy)

  39. Bre (verified owner)

    V2.1 – 100% spring, minimum buffer free play, G923 on PS5, Left foot braking.
    Bang on Rob, this is an awesome mod that adds an impressive amount of realism. Really happy with the quality. Exceeded expectations. Thanks mate.

  40. Ralph Pickering (verified owner)

    At first, I didn’t love Truebrake. Waaay too stiff. But then, I’m a beginner using a desk mounted G29 and an office chair. I bought castors with brakes… a little easier since I stopped sliding backward, but sill less than ideal. And finally, I bought the 60% spring. Problem solved. It’s still a fairly stiff pedal, but I can easily get 100% braking without pushing my chair over backwards and, more importantly, I can get a range of braking without thinking about it, whereas before it was usually all or nothing. And that has made me a better driver. I still suck, but at least I tend to stay on the track (or, at least I stay on the track where braking is concerned. I might need an equivalent product for the accelerator to cure my lead -filled right foot.) If you have a sim rig and your pedals firmly mounted, sure – go for the 100% spring. If you’re like me, at a desk on a chair with wheels, skip the faffing about and get the 60% spring from the outset.

  41. Shiraz Musaddiq (verified owner)

    I just got my TrueBrake upgrade today and installed it pretty easily in my G29 pedals. The longest part of installation is removing and reinstalling the all the screws. I bought the 60% spring and as soon as I started playing it felt way, way better than before. I tried on GT Sport and it takes a lot more force to brake but it’s so much easier to modulate, trail brake and feels way more like a real brake pedal. It took me a few laps to get used to the higher force needed but once I did, I became so much more consistent on the brakes. I was playing for a couple of hours with no shoes and my foot did get a bit tired but I’ll try with shoes on next time. Definitely reccomend this upgrade to anyone
    who has logitech G25/27/29/923 pedals but you need a good rigid setup from mounting the pedals.

  42. Scott Town (verified owner)

    What can I say, I got it for my G27 and this make braking in any sim way better than the standard pedal braking system. First off the build quality of it is out of the world with a easy and simple install of it into my pedals. After finding a pre-load which I liked (2nd biggest) I got on the track and started hamming lap times with getting even more precise braking into corners, now even starting to trail brake which I found hard before. This is well worth the money and very much recommended getting.

  43. Shaen (verified owner)

    This is what the pedal should feel like from the factory. Amazing upgrade and much better able to control my braking compared to how it originally shipped.

    Mine is the 60% spring is the one I bought. I am thoroughly enjoying every turn now.

  44. Toni Martin (verified owner)

    Finally it’s a great advance in your G29 pedals!

    I bought the truebrake on January and for different reasons I didn’t have found the feeling well. After the firsts tests I felt the system too hard for me, and continuously I blocked the car because I couldn’t measure well the enough force I had to apply.
    I contacted with Rob and I found the possibility to change the spring for another one with the 60% rating. And…. when I switched the spring all changed!!!!

    Now has become a consistently brake system, that allowed me to decrease my lap time, and overall to be consistent lap by lap. It feels enough hard, but more easy to manage. I’m using the smallest buffer, and it is great!!!! it really seems a load cell!!

    Thank you Rob for the customer service after the order. Definitely recommended!!!!

  45. Olinto (verified owner)

    I Bought the model C and it works perfectly with playseat Challenge. That was a really worth upgrade, my lap time improved by 1 second in my first attempt.
    Consistence was major gain, Just find the correct calibration both in game /Ghub and be happy.

  46. Laurence (verified owner)

    Going from an extremely loose brake pedal where it was a struggle to consistently hit the sweet spot without drastically lowering in-game brake pressure.

    With the TrueBrake installed I can brake later, consistently with more power. My lap times have tumbled down as a result.

    I can take part in ‘default setup’ lobbies and be competitive.

    I installed the largest buffer for the first week of use but have since installed the shortest. Giving a little more space to trail brake.

    I definitely recommend combining the TrueBrake with the Leo Bodnar pedals adapter.

  47. Emiliano (verified owner)

    I have bought the True Brake in December, and while I did not have the time to use it as much as I would have liked, after few months of practice I am fully satisfied.

    The mod made me a bit faster, and a lot more consistent. I am now racing ACC with almost no mistakes (or minor ones) during race day. Complete game changer.

    Initially I struggled to adjust to the new pedal feel, but after a few tests and edits in Logitech software I found the correct set up in pedal force (48% in G-Hub). With the original set, and the Playset Challenger, my main issues were:
    To stop the car I had to press the pedal like a maniac, lifting the seat from the ground.
    Despite that, I was always looking for braking feel, each lap would almost feel completely different.
    Changing to True Brake solved both issues. I am now lapping with very constant pace. I am very far from ACC record laps, (but for that no mod or gear is going to help LOL) but I am now enjoying the racing. I can be consistent, and I can try to push always a bit more to find the limit. If you do not have the budget, or the space to install a full size rig with expensive sets, this is a no brainer.

  48. Steve D (verified owner)

    In a word – phenomenal! When first installed, it’s a bit of a shock as the brake feels completely differently and you wonder whether it’s a bit too hard to push. However, as I’ve gone on through the week, it has totally transformed virtually every sim I’ve played – from Euro/American Truck Sim to iRacing, from rFactor to Assetto Corsa no more random brake lockups because you’ve hit the brake too hard. Feels much more natural and I’m now in the realms of being able to brake consistently every corner because it’s becoming much more about muscle memory and less about how far to push the pedal (which never works quite the way you think it will).

    The proof, as they say is in the pudding – all my lap times have improved, dramatically, in virtually every racing sim I own.

    I’d also say that this is not some cheap-ass mod, clearly there’s a lot of love and attention to detail gone into this – it’s precision engineered out of premium materials. Heck, even the double-sided tape you use to stick the wire connector down uses a premium brand and not some thing that sticks once and that’s it, never sticking again. In my view, worth every single penny. I’ve fallen in love with sim racing again and it’s all thanks to Aeroxcraft’s TrueBrake.

  49. starskythehutch (verified owner)

    Received my truebrake today, installed then went to spend some time in F12020 to get used to it. With the saturation set to 60 and the second tallest “top hat” fitted the feel was immediately superb.

    I took a few tenths off of my best time, but the really noticeable thing was the consistency of braking. Hit the braking point almost every time.

    As others have said, you may or may not see an ultimate laptime improvement, but you will definitely see improved consistency.

  50. Benny (verified owner)

    About a month ago, I started racing regularly with some local AutoX friends in ACC on PC. I kept getting dusted by guys who are about the same level of driving skill as me in real life. They kept insisting that my G27 pedals were crap and I should replace them with something that has a load cell brake sensor.

    Long story short, I didn’t want to spend +$400 cad on a new set pedals so I went with the Truebrake instead. I received it yesterday, installed it then immediately headed to Monza with the boys where in one race, I proceeded to run a 1:50.3 when my previous PB was 1:52.6.

    I can now confidently close the gap with the car infront of me during braking, trail brake naturally to get more rotation and corrections that require light braking are now possible.

    This easy to install, plug and play mod allows you to apply your understanding of how braking works in real life through the pressure of your foot so your brain doesn’t have to actively think about the position of the pedal. The only thing that is missing is the vibrations.

    10/10 would definitely recommend!

    Cheers from Canada,

    Rocket Benny

  51. Ton (verified owner)

    Received the TrueBrake mod yesterday and very happy with the results so far. The TrueBrake is easy to install and the build quality is beyond any other brake mod for the G29.

    It took a few laps getting to grips with the brake mod (as it requires a lot more pressure than the default brakes), but soon I started shaving off 1-2 seconds on most tracks (ACC on PS4) and lap times became far more consistent. The main change is that instead of ‘pushing’ for fast lap times, these now come much more naturally.

    In addition, the AXC team has been very helpful and responsive to emails (when ordering).


  52. Dan (verified owner)

    Had tried the spring mods, decided to do this combined with an inverted pedal setup. The build quality was great and delivery was fast. At first I really struggled with consistent performance due to figuring out calibration and being used to distance based braking but eventually I got it figured out. I am very happy with the setup overall and wish I would have done this straight away.

  53. Davie Thomson (verified owner)

    Absolutley brilliant.
    The difference between this, and other brake mod’s, is night and day. No wee dodgy rubber or foam stoppers, with a slightly stronger spring, but a great piece of properly engineered kit, that do’s exactly, what it says on the tin.
    I’ve not got in properly tuned in yet, (wee tip: Try all the different spacers, till you get the right one just for you), but already the lap time reductions are massive. (1 sec in Austria, 1+ in Monaco, France and Italy, and over 2 on a few others).
    I can also now properly trail break, and do it consistently, which is something I struggled with, but not now.
    Keep up the great work Rob.

  54. Brian (verified owner)

    The name fits the product! TrueBrake has a very realistic, hydraulic-like pedal feel and allows for real muscle memory of braking.

  55. Kody (verified owner)

    First off I’d like to thank AXC for the excellent customer service. I had a question about my brake kit not showing up in a timely manner and they responded instantly. It was a FedEx issue and not AXCs. On to the review. The TrueBrake was easy to install, took about 30 minutes using the videos provided. I first did a couple practice laps in a Skip Barber car and instantly noticed my laps were extremely consistent and about 1 second faster around Oran Park. After I got used to the feel I jumped in a fixed Ferrari race at Summit Point. Fastest lap prior to install was 1:12ish. I qualified pole position with a 1:9.2 and finished second as the #16 car. Can’t say enough about how awesome this thing feels. If you are on the fence do not hesitate. Thanks!

  56. Jurica Slovinac (verified owner)

    More precise ratings:
    Build quality: 5/5
    Easy of install: 5/5 (at least for someone who is used to assembling/dissembling things, so this rating is subjective)
    Performance benefits: 2.5/5 (most important one)

    I’m using this mod since September and my improvements were minimal and inconsistent over different tracks. I was preparing one month to write this review because so many people said that their braking and driving got decent improvements at least. But I don’t have such experience like others using this mod and I didn’t want to give it bad review, because I don’t wont to be that guy who is giving bad review just because he can and I don’t think designer of this mod deserves it. I realized I was struggling to be precise coming out of hard braking zones, that top 30% of braking pressure. Luckily I got in touch with one irl racing driver who helped me to understand what he wants from brake pedal and what issue is with this mod and why I’m struggling. I come to conclusion that its not all about pressure and that some pedal travel is required too. So the main issue of this is mod is travel which is too small, if somehow travel could be extended roughly lets say about 1.5-2 times I think usefulness of this would be much greater. Area where I did see improvements is when there is needed just light controlled pressure to shift more balance to the front of the car. I would say when up to about 30 or 40%.
    In the end have to say very clever design which could work even better with tweaking pedal travel.

  57. Charles ‘Buck’ Krasic (verified owner)

    Highest recommendation for this.

    I have to admit, I actually delayed the install for some time because I was a bit nervous that it would take long to re-learn braking before realizing improvements. Adapting was much faster than I expected, it is just so, so much better straight away. More natural to pick up because more faithful to real car braking.

    I waited to review but I’ve been running this for a little over a month now. There have been constant changes and improvements in my simracing journey so far, but this one stands out among the most impactful and for sure the biggest bang for the dollar.

  58. Jamie McDonald (verified owner)

    Amazing mod. Has transformed the constancy in lap times and braking stability for any game I play.

  59. Max (verified owner)

    Bought in December 2020

    Order/Manufacturing/Delivery/Customer service (as I faced a few days delay) top notch.

    The mod in itself is easy to install thanks to the video found on the website/youtube.

    At this point you should know this is not a load cell mod however the feeling once installed is very close to one as you rely on the force you’re putting on the pedal rather than on the position of your foot.

    Now once installed the brake is Hard and I would say if you don’t have a rigid sim frame it could be an issue as the force required is substantial. So if you have a foldable playseat the frame will definitely move under braking.
    Then if you play on PC I would personally recommend to get the cable from “Leo Bodnar” (pedal adapter for logitec pedals around 20-30£) along with this mod as it allow for better resolution and complete calibration/customisation of your braking.

    To sum up if you are looking for a good upgrade on your G29/920 set and have a rigid frame go for it it’s the best mod out there.

  60. dwpennington30 (verified owner)

    Excellent upgrade, the machine work is stunning, it’s a shame it’s hidden by the pedal housing. Installation was easy, just follow the online pdf file. I rearranged the springs like others suggested, made a huge improvement in pedal feel. Very close to real world 1/1 pedals now. I’m still getting used to the new of them. But overall it’s a huge improvement. Would definitely recommend.

  61. Andrew (verified owner)

    This mod was very easy to fit and the quality is first rate. Initially I wondered whether I had made the right decision with this as I was understeering everywhere and couldn’t get close to my old TT times on F12020. After a few days (and it was days or me) of getting used to it however I found I was beating my best (and already pretty good) TT times by roughly half a second, and crucially I was consistently closer to my best times all the time. I have tried to analyse what had changed for me and the best way to describe the change was that once I lost my old ‘muscle memory’ I found that I could brake more consistently through the first phase of a corner and (finally) I had more control of trail-braking coming out of a corner. In my first league race since fitting it I qualified 3 or 4 places higher than I normally would and finished the race a couple of places higher whilst not picking up any penalties. This is a great upgrade at an affordable price – and as long as you are prepared to put some time in to “re learn” your braking style you will be quicker and more consistent.

  62. Josh (verified owner)

    The quality of this brake is amazing. You can tell a lot of time is put in to these. I play mostly dirt rally 2.0 and Iracing with a g27 on oculus rift s. I’ve done a lot of mods to try and add some realism to my sim setup but this break has by far added the most immersion and realistic feeling at such a good price too. I would expect to pay $100+ for something like this. This is the first thing anyone thinking about upgrading their g27 or similar pedal setup should do to add immersion/realism, get faster lap times or whatever. I cannot recommend more highly!!

  63. Tidders

    Oh my god what an amazing bit of kit this is, i was putting money aside for a high end set of pedals, but this has stopped that dead. gives amazing feel and consistency is now bang on. 10/10

  64. USCTrojan4JC (verified owner)

    I installed the TrueBrake mod for my Logitech G27 pedals a few days ago…and wow! This is a great mod!

    At first, I installed the second-largest buffer thinking I didn’t want much soft pedal travel before the brakes engaged more significantly. I initially was going to put in the largest one and then decided on the second-largest one before I closed the pedal assembly. I depressed the pedal a few times with both my right and left foot to see how it would feel with right foot- and left foot-braking. I thought the force needed was way too much for me to use well, but I made the mistake of not trying it in one of the sims I like to play (rFactor 2, Automobilista (CART Extreme mod), iRacing).

    I opened the pedals back up and put the smallest buffer in. I fired iRacing up and drove the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup very briefly. The amount of force needed to really engage the brakes was okay, but I didn’t like the greater initial travel before the buffer was contacted.

    So I opened the pedals back up again and put the second-largest buffer back in. I went back into iRacing and turned did a short 10-lap race in a Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car on the Charlotte roval and some practice laps at floor mat raceway in the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R. I then went into Automobilista and drove some laps in the CART Extreme mod in a 1998 Penske PC27 at Road America.

    The braking force needed to brake consistency is really nice. In the Automobilista CART Extreme mod, not locking up the brakes was hard to avoid with the stock Logitech brake pedal spring and potentiometer combo. With this mod, it is a lot easier to consistently threshold brake without locking the brakes up and the amount of force required feels much more realistic.

    I use my Logitech G27 on a desk. I have a box with weights behind my pedal assembly that sits between the pedal assembly and the room’s wall. I have heavy boxes placed behind my desk chair (Sparco racing seat on an office chair base) that prevent my seat from moving around when I’m braking. It is essential that both your pedal assembly and seat are completely secured if you are going to use this mod.

  65. TGRacing23 (verified owner)

    Simply an awesome product. Installation was super easy. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it works smoothly without any problems. I needed some time to get used to it but when you do it’s such a nice feeling. The only thing that not really bothers me, but would be nice, is to have a wider range of buffers. I’m using the smallest one and I would like to have a bit more of the “dead zone” on the pedal. I think that they should keep the same number of the buffers that you get with the product, just that they would make a bigger difference between them. Otherwise, this is still a great product, totally worth its money. I would recommend this to everyone that wants that little more realistic experience and overall more consistent driving experience.

  66. Anders (verified owner)

    I just received my Truebrake. Installation is easy, if you have tried modding the brakes before (G29).
    I went for smallest buffer.
    Result is amazing. Withing 2 laps I was way more consistent, within 10 laps I was shaving of a full second on lap times (iracing) and being just amazingly consistent.
    This is a game changer for me. My laps in GT cars were just so much smoother.
    Highly recommended if you don’t have space and money to go to real loadcell brakes

  67. David Parisio (verified owner)

    Update, installed TrueBrake Mod
    G29 on Ps4. I exclusively play DirtRally2.0. I might go back and give WRC 8 another chance now.

    Pedal feel and sensitivity are amazing. Completely different pedal feel and I’ve already shaved seconds off my shakedown times from earlier today with the stock set up.

    Install was super easy and straightforward, definitely worth the money.

    Thanks Rob and whoever else has helped you with this amazing product.

  68. Damien Davies (verified owner)

    The wait was worth it, what an upgrade. Just knocked 1.4 seconds off my Melbourne time trial lap time. Was it a fluke? Nope, next lap within 2 tenths, and the next lap and so on. I cant believe how much i was locking up, always play no ABS, and coming to this its sooo much easier to judge and feel, and you really get the most out of your braking. For the record im a desk player (no rig) and use castor cups for my chair wheels. Works absolutely fine (my biggest worry). Ok, it has made me want a rig at some point, because i know it would be better, but if ur like me and stuck with a desk, and worried about the pressure needed on a desk set up, dont, love it. Game changer!!!

  69. Buddy (verified owner)

    Amazing Upgrade for the G29 Brake Pedal. I tried many modifications but nothing works so good like this true brake mod.
    After 2 hours of testing I found not many time on a hot lap, maybe only half a second, but I am a way more consistent in a hole race and can repeat the fast laps much more easy.
    Change the brake spring to clutch and the clutch to Throttle is very nice too. I use some 3d printed Distance mods for the springs too, so they are a little bit harder. Now I can dose the throttle better and together with the very good brake I can progress much better. So I think I found the 1,5 second that I loose to the top drivers in the next weeks.
    Even heal and toe is much better too.
    So thank you very much for the development of this brake mod for that nice price.

  70. Brandon (verified owner)

    Unlike others, I was entirely used to these brakes after the first corner. A+

    Also as others have suggested, switching oem brake spring to clutch, and clutch spring to Accel is totally worth it.

  71. Deniss Kapins (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for Logitech pedals. Installation was easy, hardest part for me was taking wires off stock potentiometer with my fingers, rest is a cake walk. At first I struggled to brake, cause leg was used to pedal travel, after few hours I couldn’t imagine a better upgrade for g29, I wish I haven’t spend so much money before on other brake pedal enhancements. I applaud you Sir Rob!

    I also suggest if you’re into CNC, please start producing Custom Logitech Tilton styled pedal faceplates, a cosmetic add-on but so much needed!

  72. Ryan Gentzler (verified owner)

    I was angry when I finally received this…..because it’s so darn good, I wish I had gotten it years ago. I used the largest stopper in the kit and there is almost 0 detectable pedal movement! It feels like a load cell. My braking is now more precise, and accurate. Easily worth the cost (which is next to nothing compared to load cell mods) and the wait for backordered parts. Get the TrueBrake!

  73. andyhill007 (verified owner)

    Ok, this is my second review of this pedal, i reviewed after about 5/6 hours of use and was somewhat slower in overall lap times and consistency. At the time, after waiting around 7/8 weeks for this mod to come, i was very frustrated and left a heat of the moment review. Now, all credit to Rob, he e-mailed me and without question said that he would give me a full refund as it was the first bad review he had. By this time, i had calmed down somewhat and gave the pedal more time. So glad i did, i am fully up to speed now and consistency is there. The only reason i have not given it 5 stars is the fact that you have to take the pedals apart again if you don`t like the feel of the rubber stopper you have fitted, there are four of these to choose from varying in size. Not sure if some form of quick release could of been designed but i guess its about keeping costs down. The quality of the product does not come into question, its top draw. If you buy this mod, don`t be a hot head like me, it just took me longer to adjust to it, you may need longer as well.

  74. Gregory Hlopak (verified owner)

    It is absolutely wonderful, very impressed. It is night and day. I have already broke my lap records but whats more is consistency in lap times!!! Thank you so much. Great company. Highly, highly, highly recommended. You will not regret it one bit. Cheers

  75. Dale (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing piece of kit! Easy to install in my G29 pedals. I mainly play Dirt Rally 2.0 and instantly saw my stage times faster, especially in older cars that don’t have modern brakes, as it made it easier to trail brake and not lock wheels under heavy braking! Can’t believe it was so cheap to be honest, when you compare how much fanatec and thrust master pedals with loadcells cost. 10/10!

  76. Anthony Grantham

    An excellent company to deal with and a truly superb product. It’s clearly well made and works fantastically well. I’d recommend without hesitation!

  77. Bruce (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, these really are a game changer.
    This is a delayed review, as I have been waiting for my week off to install them and get some time using them.
    They look great, amazing quality, a straight forward installation and they work.
    I’ve come from ETS, ATS hence wanting the change of pedal on my G27’s.
    My sim times and consistency have been transformed by this mod.
    Obviously they take a little time to get used to, but as soon as you do, the difference is night and day. While installing these I swapped the spring from the clutch into the accelerator pedal. I’m now so pleased with the difference, I hope to change wheel, but will still use the G27 pedal set.
    My advice, if you’re thinking of buying these, just go ahead and get them.

  78. Keith (verified owner)

    Worth the wait and the cost. It’s transformed my old G27 pedals. I fitted the Truebrake, then put the old brake spring into the clutch, making it feel more like a proper car clutch; then I moved the clutch spring into the accelerator, which improved the stiffness. over the original.

    A fair bit of time and practice is needed to find the best brake sensitivity level and learn the new brake pressures and braking points.

    Also, although it’s not essential, it is worth trying the different buffer sizes that come with the Truebrake (even if it is a pain constantly dismantling and rebuilding the pedals) – there is a noticeable difference between the 4 buffers. The smallest one gives more spring movement before hitting the ‘piston’, so it actually engages low brake pressure more easily.
    The longest buffer leaves no free play, so it takes a bit more force to apply small/medium/full pressure, but in a very short travel.
    It’s personal preference whether you want the full range of brake application in the short travel, or a more noticeable difference in the pressure range by using the small buffer.

    This is definitely an upgrade over the original spring, and I would not want to go back.

  79. John z (verified owner)

    Receive my true break today after finding the right set up this little device is awesome feels just like power Disc brakes on my Mustang Definitely recommend this product well worth the wait thanks

  80. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great upgrade and at this price it’s the best that is available for the Logitech brake pedal.
    It’s a very well built unit, simple to install and is plug and play.
    I’ve had mine for quite a while now and it has made braking much better, being able to trail brake and modulate the pressure through the corner. It really is a game changer for £54.99, I’ve tried GTEYE spring upgrades and others that are £20 – £25 that aren’t that much better than stock really. Thanks

  81. Alex (verified owner)

    Fantastic value, utterly transforms braking.

    I went from guessing how much brake to apply to easily modulating on the edge of traction.
    Personally I recommend moving the old brake and clutch springs between the clutch and accelerator for overall stiffer pedals.
    This mod has knocked seconds off my laptimes and greatly aided consistency and confidence.

    Highly recommended.

  82. Khalid (verified owner)

    A must have upgrade to the logitech pedals and outstanding support. A high quality built that is easy to install. the firmer brake takes some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it the laptimes get more consistent and easier to threshold and trail braking. It was near impossible to drive without ABS earlier and be consistent.
    Note: I had to set the brake gamma to 1.0 as its is very linear.

  83. Andre (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for a reasonable price. Easy and well described installation. Well manufactured.
    Took me a few hours to get used to it and i had to relearn braking for every car (iRacing), but consistency and lap times started to improve greatly. Trail and threshold braking is much easier now and controlable for cars without ABS.
    The only drawback (due to my setup) is that my G29 pedals set moves slightly on my hardwood floor during long races because of the higher forces needed for 70-100% braking.
    Highly recommended!

  84. Ivan Baumans

    Hello Folks….
    I spent lot of euro’s on brake mods for my g27 pedals.
    Nexim springs, secondary die springs, 3d rap mod….
    Wish this one was available earlier.
    This is the best most affordable brake mod on the market. This brings the G27, 25, 29 at the same level as a loadcell mod, without the hassle.
    Professional product, installs in ten minutes ( ok, after 15 times modding my pedals I know how to open them).
    Good, predictable braking, strong but not rock hard pedal feel.
    Look no further!! This is the best upgrade to make a affordable steering wheel kit, much better!!!!!
    Congrats on this product!!!

    Now some steering wheel adapter plates???
    Best regards!!

  85. Patrick Schneider

    Totally worth the money. At First i had my problems to get used to the pressure, but trailbraking is now easier. Doesn’t make me really faster because i am not that good, but constancy is overall better now.

  86. Lindell Harry (verified owner)

    Been toying with the idea of getting one for a while and finally bit the bullet. If you have a compatible logitech pedal set it’s a no brainer. Excellent build quality and way more predictable braking = faster more consistent times.

    Wish they did more mods tbh.

  87. Alessandro Lamanna

    I rarely write reviews, but I just installed this mod and felt like I needed to put out my two cents. I researched both this and the loadcell mod and I am more than happy with my choice. The pedal feel is a night and day difference with a short, progressively stiff travel. If you are completely used to your g29 brake setup, you will initially regret your purchase. “What the hell, this pedal feels weird!” About 10 laps in, I was like “this is awesome!” Once you get used the amount of pressure needed for 100%, 50% and 5% your trail braking will be improved and you will carry more speed through the corners. I was able to match my best lap times that took numerous attempts in GTsport time trial within the first 10 laps and with a little more time will easily beat it easily. You will also be more consistent lap after lap. Easy install and extremely well built. Highly recommend. No need to spend more money on a loadcell mod when this works beautifully!

  88. Rebel_488 (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit and really upgrades the pedal to something you will love. It takes a short time to get used to but you will quickly adapt your braking style to something very like an actual race car, accuracy becomes much easier, trail braking becomes instinctual. Don’t hesitate this is a bargain at the price. I preferred the 3mil option with less travel. Easy to fit.

  89. James Taylor

    Easy to install. Plug & play.
    Used on Gran Turismo Sport (PS4).
    I am very impressed with the brake feel and firmness, it’s very realistic and comparable to a real car!
    Brake pedal initially moves about 3mm then brake pressure is both felt through the pedal and applied to the vehicle. More pressure, (applied through a further 5mm of pedal travel) gives the vehicle between 1 and 100% in-game brake force.
    It takes real effort to reach 100% brake pressure, but nothing over the top. Heel and toe is so much better with the mod. More control is possible, and blipping the throttle whilst on the brakes is easier as the brake pedal depresses a much reduced distance. Added much needed realism to the brake. Very happy.

  90. xriccox62

    THANKS :-))
    (eBay Feedback)

  91. Giovanni

    I used to have a rubber mod and I was quite satisfied with it comparing to the default brake. But now braking feels even more detailed and progressive. Trailbraking comes more naturally. The run of the pedal is very reduced and it feels like pushing a brick. I installed the hard buffer and got used to it after a very few laps. It may not be a real load cell but the feeling is the closest thing you can get. My laps definitely got more consistent.
    Truebrake is great value for its price: good performances, plug’n play installation, great building quality (metal, metal, metal).
    Definitely a bargain for Logitech users

  92. ezroller2k11

    Fast delivery, well package, great seller
    (eBay Feedback)

  93. Brewskie27

    Awsome little upgrade and very easy to fit

    Highly recommended ?

  94. dyla_bourg

    The best TrueBrake Mod for G920
    (eBay Feedback)

  95. chorsley12

    Item as described and super fast delivery
    (eBay Feedback)

  96. e-finley

    Thank you
    (eBay Feedback)

  97. petewturner

    Really easy mod. Braking feels much more realistic. Quick postage. Dead happy!
    (eBay Feedback)

  98. alpha76

    Excéllent travail,un load cell entièrement usiné! il vaut largement son prix face à la
    concurrence,montage simple et aucune modification sur le pédalier d’origine,
    prévoir de fixé le pédalier et le siège.
    je vais suivre à l’avenir AXC SIM pour de futur achat, Merçi.

  99. tonyseve49

    Load cell d’excéllente qualité ,du travail de pro! fixé le pédalier.
    (eBay Feedback)

  100. superbad1970

    Perfect brake pedal mod! Pedal is so realistic now. Worth every penny!!!
    (eBay Feedback)

  101. Maarten Havinga

    To review this item in one word: WAUW!
    I just installed the Truebrake system in my Logitech G29, and I was surprised how easy the install was!!
    Also the instructions were ery clear to follow!

    It drives, and feels so much better then the stock Logitech hardware.

    AXC-SIM, keep up the good work.

    You have made me very happy indeed.

  102. JB

    Quality item. Really pleased with it!

  103. wizardoz39

    Wow, braking feels much more realistic. Will take a bit of getting used to.
    (eBay Feedback)

  104. traylord (verified owner)

    Very simple and usefull mod. Makes your pedals a totally different set. Awesome job, best upgrade ever.

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